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Thank you for visiting http://employer.jwork.vn/ (hereinafter referred to as "The Website"), a website of comprehensive human resource consulting service provider run by ASAHI TEC VIETNAM CO., LTD.
Please read this website's Term of Service (TOS) before utilizing the services of ASAHI TEC VIETNAM CO., LTD. and ensure that you fully understand the contents of the TOS.


All contents featured on the Website (documents, photographs, illustrations, cartoons, etc.) are protected by Copyright Law and other relevant treaties and laws of individual countries.
Therefore, all rights are reserved and the unauthorized use, duplication and/or reproduction of any of the Website's contents are strictly prohibited.


  1. Our Company assumes no responsibility whatsoever for any trouble, losses and/or damages which have arisen as a result of using information posted on the Website or using the Website itself.
  2. The Website may alter/cease the structure of the Website, usage conditions, URL and/or contents, without any prior notices to the user.
  3. The Website does not guarantee the accuracy, usability, certainty, etc. of its contents and the contents of any literary works, which have been provided to the Website.
    Our Company assumes no responsibility whatsoever for any losses or damages which have arisen through the use of the Website contents, etc.

Recommended Environment

  1. The Website has completed operation's checks with Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 and above, and Mozilla Firefox 3.0.
    There is a small possibility that the contents of the Website may not be displayed properly on other browsers other than the above.
    The Website has been confirmed to correctly display in Japanese, English and Vietnamese.
  2. The Website uses Java Script.
    We recommend that you enable Java Script to browse the Website pages in their intended perfect working order.
  3. The following Plug-ins are required to browse the Website trouble-free:

 Download Macromedia's Flash Player.

Information Browsing and Membership Registration

  1. Our website administrator may view all information regarding Website users and members.
  2. Upon completion of membership registration, you shall be assumed to have accepted all of our terms and conditions.
  3. Please register using your correct information in a fully-responsible manner.

Protection of Personal Information

  1. Our website administrator may send Emails to registered members in the course of Our Company's services, through the user of registered personal information. However, the administrator will never sell registered information to other sales companies, etc.
  2. Any personal information, which the Website has gathered, shall be managed responsibly. Our members' personal information, which we hold, shall only be used for the purpose of referring our members to the companies whose recruitment information matches the desires of our members.
    Moreover, we shall never disclose any personal information, we have gathered, to a third party, without obtaining prior permission from the member concerned.
  3. With regard to the handling methods of security of personal information, we shall take appropriate action based on the laws of Vietnam and in accordance with Japanese laws or ordinances concerning private information protection.
  4. In principal, personal information provided to us at the time of merely making inquiries to us shall not be provided or disclosed to a third party.
    In some cases such information shall be destroyed immediately after its intended use.

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Contacting Us Regarding the Contents of 'TOS'

If you have any questions and/or comments regarding this document, please contact us, using our Contact Form or call the number provided below:

HaNoi Office
Time in [ 8:30 ~ 17:30 ]
  TEL : 84–24-37667640
  FAX : 84–24-37667641
HoChiMinh Office
Time in [ 8:30 ~ 17:30 ]
  TEL : 84-28-39256675/76
  FAX : 84-28-39256674

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