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Private Policy

Usage of Gathered Personal Information

ASAHI TEC VIETNAM CO., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as “Our Company”), during the performing of all of our services, shall gather our members’ personal information for the following purposes:

  1. To send the necessary reference materials, upon our members' requests, regarding the use of personal information which Our Company gathers.
  2. To provide various services, including the shipping of products, in accordance with our members' requests.
  3. To provide various types of information to our members, with regard to the offering of details of our services, and providing support after a successful recruitment.
  4. To reply to our members' inquiries.

Personal Information Gathering

The personal information which Our Company gathers is, as follows: Your name, address, telephone number, facsimile number, Email address, cookie, birthday, age, family structure, occupation, company name, department, line of work, job title, bank account details and credit card number.

Use and Provision of Personal Information

The personal information which Our Company gathers from our members will not be provided/disclosed to another third party unless:

  1. We receive prior consent/permission from our members.
  2. If it is absolutely necessary to refer to the relevant authority in order to protect our members' interests, including their lives, health and properties.
  3. When we need to corroborate personal details between Our Company and members' banking institutions, in such cases where members are making payment to us for the products they ordered and the services they utilized,
  4. On occasion, we may disclose/provide necessary information with regard to Our Company's products/services only with companies which have entered into an agreement concerning the preservation of confidentiality.
  5. If we come to the conclusion that the user of our services could possibly penalize a third party.
  6. In such cases where the provision/disclosure of gathered information is required by laws or ordinances.

Security Management

With regard to personal information which has been provided by our members, Our Company strictly manages such information through vigorous security measures, in order to prevent external unauthorized access to, loss of, damage to, alteration of and/or leaking of such information.

Inquiries Regarding Personal Information

If one of our members wishes to refer to/verify/amend his or her personal information held by us, please contact us via the 'Contact Details' below. Upon validation of the identity of the individual who has contacted us with the request, we will deal with the request immediately, unless there is particular reason not to do so.

HaNoi Office
Time in [ 8:30 ~ 17:30 ]
  TEL : 84–24-37667640
  FAX : 84–24-37667641
HoChiMinh Office
Time in [ 8:30 ~ 17:30 ]
  TEL : 84-28-39256675/76
  FAX : 84-28-39256674

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