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Service procedure

Service procedure

Please let us know your expectations

Please let us know your concerns on recruitment, desired personnel and employment conditions.
Our corporate marketing staff will go over your expectations with you.
Based on their wealth of experience and cases, they will present a recruitment plan to satisfy your desires.

Most appropriate candidates are selected

After checking your recruitment plan, J-WORK interviews the candidates.
Based on the interviews, the careers and aptitudes of the candidates are identified, and only those applicants meeting your requirements are carefully selected.
We confirm the will of the candidates to apply before introducing them to you.
We also prepare properly the documents required for the interview.

J-WORK provides recruitment services

J-WORK provides recruitment services including communications with the candidates to be introduced, scheduling of interviews and notification of whether the candidates have passed them or not.
Using J-WORK as the intermediary between you and the candidates, you can handle difficult negotiations on employment conditions and advance the recruitment process more smoothly.

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You interview the candidates

The career advisers of J-WORK interview the candidates to be introduced to you in advance.
During these interviews, the advisers describe the jobs in your company, explain your corporate culture, future vision, and so on.
Accordingly, you can start with detailed issues when you interview the candidates yourselves.
J-WORK prepares documents necessary for the interviews and submits them with comments from our career advisers.
You can use the interview room in the J-WORK office for your interviews.
Please consult us for further information.

The contingent fee system removes your concerns

You incur no cost until the recruit completes a probationary period of 60 days in your company and becomes a regular employee.

We issue an invoice 60 days after the hire date

If the recruit leaves your company in less than 60 days,
we charge no fee.

We introduce a substitute for free

If the recruit withdraws from your company within 30 days from the invoice issuance date (61 to 90 days from the hire date) for personal reasons, we introduce a substitute candidate for free (one time only).
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