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J-WORK Provides Solutions to Your Recruitment Problems

Support and outsourced service on recruitment, Support and outsourced service on management, and Consulting on personnel.

J-WORK provides targeted personnel services including acquisition of appropriate personnel and consulting on personnel and labor relations.

We obtained the license for "personnel consulting business" for the first time as a 100% foreign owned company.

Support and outsourced service on recruitment,
Support and outsourced service on management,
Consulting on personnel.

Recruitment support service

J-WORK provides support and outsourced service on recruitment to acquire workers appropriate for your requirements.

You can acquire quality human resources

A meeting of a job seeker with in employment adviserIn response to your requests, we select appropriate candidates from our original personnel database "J-WORK Personnel Bank".
If no candidate in the Personnel Bank meets the desired criteria, we recruit new applicants and screen them with interviews and tests to support you in acquiring quality human resources.
We also properly prepare the documents required for interviews with you in advance, for each candidate.

Flowchart of the process to employment

All communications conducted in Japanese
You can always communicate with J-WORK staff in Japanese. We use Japanese in meetings to discuss your requirements as well as for negotiations on salary and working conditions.

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Original personnel database "J-WORK Personnel Bank"

J-WORK manages data on approximately 3,000 applicants on an ongoing basis in the "Personnel Bank", including more than 2,400 with abilities equivalent to those of university graduates.

%of university graduates banked in our Human Resource Bank

Another feature is that most of the registered members have excellent linguistic skills.
About 800 of them have a TOEFL score of 500 or more, or English proficiency of C level or above, and more than 1,200 have passed first, second and/or third levels of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test.

*The figures in the data are as of August 2008 (the number of registered members is increasing every month).

Four features in the recruitment support service of J-WORK %of individuals with Grade 1-3 in Japanese proficiency
Reloable recruitment consulting service J-WORK provides comprehensive consulting on recruitment.Preliminary discussions clarify your personnel requirements and enable you to establish a focused recruitment plan.Please do not hesitate to consult us.  

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Management support service

J-WORK also provides personnel management service before and after employment.

We supply support and outsourced service for various tasks including preparation of working rules, social insurance procedure, payroll calculation, employee satisfaction survey (ES survey), and income tax application and final return for foreign employees.
Reloable recruitment consulting service We use our wealth of knowledge and experience in personnel management and recruitment support to offer general consulting on personnel management in Vietnam. Please feel free to consult us.  

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Other services

For companies planning entry into Vietnam, our staff with high linguistic skills act as interpreters and translators for preliminary surveys and on-site reviews in Vietnam.
You can also outsource necessary operations such as the establishment of a company or representative office.
Our Vietnamese staff with abundant experience in both Japan and Vietnam provide interpretation and translation services in diverse job categories.
Upon your request, we correct and proofread your documents required for entry into Vietnam.
J-WORK assists the acceptance of Vietnamese staff such as engineers and interpreters.
Our comprehensive support services include application for and acquisition of resident status for them and consulting for the direct employment of Vietnamese and acceptance of dispatched workers.
J-WORK understands the Vietnamese market through people.
We use our proprietary know-how and offer various market surveys.

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