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Voices from Clients

I was delighted with the reassuring, satisfying services and the competent human resource of J-WORK.

We used to be extremely busy
with recruitment work before knowing J-WORK

We realized the difficulty in acquiring staff in Vietnam

We were looking for amenable, flexible and mild mannered persons who could possibly work for us over a long term.
We conducted open recruitment but it was very troublesome to read interview materials prepared individually in various styles and interview the candidates.
Also, the efforts were wasted because we still could not find the talents we sought.

We heard of J-WORK from various companies

We learned about J-WORK from various business partners including our banker and 'The Japan business association in Vietnam'.
As our company had never used a recruitment support service before, we initially hesitated to rely on the service.
But, because many companies recommended J-WORK, we applied for the service although we still held some doubts.

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We used the service and found it reliable and satisfying

The doubts turned into trust

We were under the impression that even the introduction of candidates would be a paid service. But then we found that the services of J-WORK were actually based on a complete contingent fee system, where the cost was incurred only 60 days after the date of employment.
This system is good for first-time users because no introduction fee is charged merely on completion of employment.
Furthermore, J-WORK submits interview documents in a unified style in either Japanese or English and adds its own comments on the candidates, which makes the documents much easier to read.
J-WORK selects the candidates through preliminary interviews and examinations, so we can reduce the time for our interviews.

We realized the quality of the personnel

The candidates introduced by J-WORK largely have high linguistic abilities and do not change jobs easily.
J-WORK has confidence in the quality of the personnel it provides, and we are in fact impressed with the quality.
Incidentally, we once offered a job to a person who was not being truthful about his work experience.
We did not notice it at first, but J-WORK directly informed us of the fact. Thanks to J-WORK, we avoided trouble before we officially employed the person.
We also sensed the ability of J-WORK to identify problems such as false statements about career, which is reflected in their confidence in personnel.

We can leave the recruitment to J-WORK with a sense of security

When we visited the J-WORK office, we found it well organized and fully equipped with security facilities, which made us feel that we could trust the company.
J-WORK handled confidentiality of corporate and personal information effectively, which also impressed us.

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We appreciate the kind and careful service

We look forward to long-term relationships

The features of J-WORK include consistently kind and careful service and also reliability.
We look forward to continued relationships.
We thank J-WORK for giving us good advice and introducing good personnel.
We hope that the staff at J-WORK maintain their shining and cheerful smiles and continue with their great job.

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